Journaliste. Réalisatrice.
Auteure. Conférencière.

Rokhaya Diallo est une journaliste française, auteure et réalisatrice primée, reconnue pour ses luttes anti- racistes, féministes et d’égalité religieuses blablabla.

Raised in working class neighborhoods of Paris, she
grew into a committed woman who with determina-
tion and conviction has made her mark on France and
the rest of the world. Making the most of her natural
curiosity and hands-on methods, she has hosted radio
and television programs, produced films, authored se-
veral books and numerous articles and participates re-
gularly in high-level conferences around the world.
As a figure to be reckoned with in the public arena,
Rokhaya is one of the rare women of her generation
whose voice has become an integral part of the world of